20 July 2016

Make It Simple But Significant

 H&M Lace Dress     ||     Primark Gladiator Sandals     ||     Oliva Burton Watch     ||     Monica Vinader Bracelet

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best and when the don't cost a fortune but can give you a timeless look they become a staple in your wardrobe and this is exactly what this H&M dress does. It's a holiday essential it is floaty and allows you to feel comfortable and chic all at once.

I picked this H&M dress with a lace yoke up in their sale for just £11.99 it also comes in black and both are still in stock. Paired with all brown accessories and a lovely Lanzarote backdrop with the breeze blowing it really was a such a fantastic fitting outfit. All was going well until I managed to get chorizo on it but you know when in Spain! A week in Lanzarote really wasn't enough it was such a beautiful place and I wonder why it get's bad press because it really was a pleasure and such a relaxing place wandering around the volcanic terrain and gracing the marina and beach font in just a 20 minute walk it was bustling and busy and full of families, friends and couples a real eclectic mix of tourists all enjoying a little time off the hustle and bustle of back home.

We enjoyed a week in a gorgeous villa we rented out with two other couples so six of us in total enjoyed a week of just sun, sangria and ample of food. We spent the days by the pools and the evening roaming or cooking up a storm on the BBQ while playing cards and a new found talent for beer pong. My first holiday of 2016 I must say did not disappoint with Barcelona just been too its all now in the run up for Mexico!


26 June 2016

Guest Post | 5 Ways to Stress Less

Seeing as I am away in Lanzarote I thought I would while I am away use this time to have a gust post on my blog - I haven't done one in ages but Ambar from 'Her Little Loves' has such a lovely blog that her content would fit right in. She has written this amazing post below which is really poignant to me and a huge stressed these tips are really helpful. I have popped all her links at the bottom so be sure to check out her blog and social channels! 

13 June 2016

Milani Haul | Now Shipping To The UK!

When you realise that there is a now a way to snap up some products you've been eying up from a brand that didn't ship to the UK that little happy dance I did in glee knowing that I was about to buy more Milani! My love from the brand goes way back to when on my trips to Orlando I would scour the isles of Wallgreens to hunt down my must have's to take home now though no more flying across the atlantic because I just dropped a small fortune on a little haul. Mixed thoughts on a few things but read on to see what I got a bit spendy on.
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