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So right now I am loving Lush a few weeks back I brought Karma Solid Perfume and some face products. Here are some of the things I am lusting after from Lush over the winter months … I know my mum went and got me the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb already.

1.  Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb – This bath bomb is calling me, I love cinnamon and its so nice for this time of year as well. Strangely I watched harry potter the other day where the Phoenix rises from the ashes and it made me want this bomb even more. With cocoa butter and jojoba oil it will leave your skin silky soft.

2. Bubble Gum Lip Scrub – I had this way back when, it does get really sticky round the edges so don’t drop it in the bottom of your bag. It tastes delicious which isn’t the point of it .. but for winter when your lips need some TLC it is perfect.

3. Tea Tree Water – This comes in two sizes not sure how much you have to use so would have to go and see what size is best, but I love tea tree it really helps with he winter breakouts I have been having so this would be a lovely addition to my tea tree stick.

4. Karma Bubble Bar -Having never had a bubble bar but seeing them in the shop and how much Santa beard bubbles I could adorn on my face I want one. I love the scent of Karma the body lotion is too heavy but this i think would be lovely for my Cola Cube smelling bath.

5.  Snow Fairy Shower Gel – Its limited edition, it smells of candy floss what more could I want that to smell of unicorns an rainbows enough said I need this in my life.

6.  Marilyn Pre Wash Treatment – This is for blondes so sorry brunettes and red heads. This is much like silver shampoo in its qualities taking away brassy undertones.  In winter my hair can become more dull than in summer as the sun lightens my hair so this should help keep it lush … 😉

7.  Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – This bomb makes me so happy. When buying my secret Santa I knew she wanted to go to Florida which is my favourite place so I wanted a citrus smell to remind me of Florida oranges and this was it in the box I sent all I could smell was this. I know my mum when and got me it because of how much I declared my love.


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