My Dressing Table Re-Vamp

So its winter and it is never light any more so unfortunately this is he light bloggers are having to work with, very unfair bring back summer days. I’ve had to put my light on to, so please excuse its reflection it has got it some way at every angle so no they are not finger prints on the mirror, they are reflections of the crystal’s on my light. This is my Re-Vamped Dressing table, about 4 years ago my parents totally renovated my room, this dressing table was part of it which I still love. On top was a tiny mirror with draws underneath but it was a pain to do my make-up of have anything else on my dressing table as it took up so much space.

The new additions to my dressing table are my acrylic storage units, I brought mine off Amazon instead of Muji as they didn’t have the top section with the lipstick holders etc. and the postage was so much quicker with Amazon, I don’t do waiting too well when I need something desperately. I also got the cotton pad holder, I get through them in their tons, my nails get painted 2-3 times  week I remove make up with them, yet I always find I am searching in draws or boxes for them but alas no more. The other new addition is something I have wanted to re-purchase for ages since the one Jonny’s mum kindly gave me stopped lighting up, is the No7 illuminating mirror, it RRP’s at £49.99 but it is currently £15.99, a steal if you ask me and I got the last one in the shop (they are popular)! It is lovely for applying make-up but the magnifying side is ace for eyebrow plucking which makes it a miracle mirror. My mum saw mine got straight on to Boot’s website and ordered herself one too.

I keep most of my make up away in the draws below, the stuff I don’t tend to wear as much and my daily stuff is in my acrylic storage I still have ample of space left in them !! ….. Bring on the sales and Bicester Village. I keep my favourite bits on the top too, just enough to not make it too cluttered.

I can finally use it as a dressing table again as it had lost it’s way and become just a storage unit for so long, I once again love my room.


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