Michael Kors | Fabulous Holiday Set

So back in January when I ‘accidentally’ brought a Jo Malone candle in Harrods , yeah that time whoops. I may have also picked this up too, but with good reason and here’s why. This lovely little Michael Kors set contains a 50ml perfume and a 100ml body lotion, the set was £55 and as they say on the sleeve all for the price of the perfume so essentially the body lotion is free. Luckily it was reduced to £27.50 and then reduced to £22 which really isn’t bad in my books considering I have loved Michael Kors for a good five years now.

Its a really light smelling scent it reminds me of body shops white musk its more of a summer smell though in my eyes. The body lotion is stronger in smell but is really nice for but I wouldn’t smother myself in it because it may become overpowering.

I overall think its a lovely perfume but I wouldn’t pay the hefty £55 price tag for the size, this is the type of scent I will wear to uni or shopping nothing special just when I want to try something different on the odd day here and there.

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