What’s Burning Now | My Top 3

So you may or may not know, but I am an addict.. a Yankee Candle Addict, I cant help myself my mum is the same and to be fair I think I am just a full blown candle addict. I burn one pretty much every night I have a tart-let burner and currently have ‘Christmas Cookie’ in that, I have just finished my ‘Waikiki Melon’ a large jar one. Today I have for you what is currently or about to be burnt in my room at uni to make me feel homely.

First to carry on the warm winter scents in this drab weather is ‘Vanilla Cupcake’ my mum brought me this when I moved to uni and I always have loved this scent. I differ between sweet and sickly scents and fresh clean scents all the time so when I am all cosy in bed with hot chocolate and a film this is what I will burn right now.

The next is a few days old and I got from Jonny for valentines day. He got me this instead of real roses as it will last longer. Surprisingly I hadn’t smelt it, neither had he being a boy he just picked it up, but good picking. I had this on last night and sometimes I feel floral Yankee Candles don’t smell the same when burning, this however did. The smell of fresh flowers was taking over the house it was really refreshing to the heavier winter scents like the vanilla cupcake.

The last which I will be fazing in as we go into spring is this ‘Bahama Breeze’ its got a sea air and cocktail smell which is a hard mix to describe but its zesty but not citrusy (god I’m so bad at describing!) Becks brought me this as part of my Christmas present and I cant wait to be burning this probably in the next month.

So here you go here are my top 3 of what is burning now in my house – What’s your favourite Yankee Candle?

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