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Over the past few weeks i’ve been trying out the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle gel*. I was going to the gym a lot a while ago but unfortunately I’m not allowed to go anymore (more on that another time) so I thought this may not be as helpful as I thought and may just sit unused. So Jonny got to try it first when he pulled his hamstring and when the pain started to subside so suddenly I knew it was going to be worth using it, when I had aches and pains from the cold I was currently suffering from. My back was shot to pieces and no where was comfortable, so I opted to give it a go as I hate the heat patches with a vengeance and the gel versions smells horrendous.

This has a strong yet warming scent mixing rosemary and black pepper with hints of lavender and an undertone of ginger its has a real oomph to it which is nice. Word of advice a little goes a long way and you can have too much of a good thing, so don’t go mad as the scent can become a bit overpowering.

It has a warming feel which is nice and I found it was best used after a hot bath as it carries on the feeling of it working deep down into the tissue, to relieve the tension and stress. It was relaxing and I got my thumbs deep into the tissue at the base of my back to rub it in. After an hour or so although I was still achey this really helped subside the niggling aspect of it where I couldn’t find anywhere to sit/lay that was comfortable, it was still there but in the back of my mind rather than a constant reminder that I was still ill sniffling away.

Its tag line quote is Focusing an Soothing which I think it lives up to, it gets the problem and fast. Is it a miracle worker… no and honestly its not like using the heat patches or gels that are medicated that probably are what your after if your sat in the office. I think it works almost as well though because the scents help you relax your body isn’t so tense and stiff so with this in the mix your sure to feel better quicker.

While it’s not cheap at £23.00 for 150ml its not an everyday product so it will last. If you know someone who has a high pressure job, or does sports this would be a great stocking filler for them and honestly rather nice to treat yourself too as well. (Its November the big C word is now acceptable)

What do you think of this, something a little different for a loved on?


This product was sent for review purpose*


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