Here’s What Is On My Minted Art Wishlist


 Let me introduce you to a little gem that many of you internet bunnies may not have discovered yet. Its called Minted essentially a design company but they specialise is good design be this stationary, business cards, save the date card even art prints. Created by a range of people a lot of who have been found though their on going art competitions which is a fantastic way to discover new, talented people. Now for me anything that comes under the pretty and stationary catagory has me to be honest i’m like a pen magpie but what really got me excited was the art. Not to mention the do a lot of things (not just art) in foil … again big swoon. They are an american company but ship to most countries around the world, which makes it even better because I always find all the stuff i want on places like Etsy wont ship to the UK.

I have created a little wish list of some of the art I want to get my hands on. Its not something I would of been overly interested in  a few years ago but uni and the prospect of me and Jonny getting our own home gets me in the grand designs mindset constantly.

All prices are in $ and will show the price range as they come in different sizes – they also do frames at extra cost as well.

Mr Deer & Mrs Deer – I think I will actually be buying these, my love for deers is probably out of control… deer, moose, fawns, stags whatever. If its cute or has horns I am likely to want it and I like that although sold separately they are a pair and in a bedroom they would make a really subtle statement and also he has a bow tie! These would make a lovely wedding present too($20-$207 unframed)

 You & Me – Its cute and girly but versatile coming in pink,yellow and blue allowing you to match your style. I love typography prints and for some reason this reminds me of blog designs i’ve seen and for me would work in an office. It symbolises for me my blog and I, its fun and quirky which I like i would have to buy the yellow one though to keep up my lemon theme. ($39-$179 unframed)

Magnifique – Its foil printed and its amazing its literally what it says on the tin Magnificent. Its bold and french and that is a great combination. This could work anywhere, it the type of print that makes you smile when you see it by its simple yet in your face style.

Florida Filled Map – This is another I will likely buy. It is my favourite place and like a second home to me, so many memories are in florida for me and this is stunning. It too is foli and comes in tow style filled and un filled, the filled appealed to me more because I like how the veins of the state connect and run from coast to cost. ($28-$45 unframed)

The Morning Walk – I find this a lovely piece but it is quite masculine in its beauty. It has bold abstract lines and its aim is to be bold just like the red deer it depicts. The monochrome contrast also helps this and I think this would make a great statement piece in a simple modern house. ($20-$207)

So what do you think of minted? I love them and even more because the even support a tree planting programme, which is pretty darn awesome too.



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