Why Skinny Bird Watching Is NOT OK!

Skinny Bird

I never really cover topics like and a Friday is not a normal posting day for me. But this morning my Twitter exploded when Taking Shape a women’s ‘plus size’ brand started a hashtag called #SkinnyBirdWatching they have set up what looks like a shed with a look out hole to spot models and people who are attending LFW who are in their view too skinny.

So lets start with the fact that this whole stunt is completely un acceptable how can they be the judge of what is a normal size no one can JUDGE that. They think a size 6 is too skinny but really no matter what your size 6, 16, 26 they are a brand focused on women and as a woman I think we should all stick together and support each other no matter what size or shape we are. As women we have so much stuff to deal with every day do we really need to shame one size in order to praise another? I think not. Look at the media and how much pressure is put on women to look perfect all the time, how is that fair?

I have been a size 6 and I was treated as if I was ill constantly and made to feel ashamed of myself. I was told I was anorexic, I looked like a twig, I was too skinny just go and eat something. In reality I was eating and my GERD that I’ve just had surgery for was causing me to not be able to digest food and I was constantly sick. Try explaining that to every person who made a negative comment. I don’t see why if the person is happy in the way they look and feel in their own skin why should someone else be the judge of them. You also don’t know what other issues that person is facing your one comment/action could cause a whole world of pain, for what for a laugh or to make yourself feel better? Surely that says more about you as a person than them!

Not every weight is healthy, be that too low or too high, but that is that person business and its not right to have it shoved down their throat as a constant reminder. How is standing in the middle of London shaming girls for being to skinny OK? How did they think that any one would find it acceptable. Really does being a size make you who you are or make you any less beautiful or change your personality NO IT DOES NOT!

It is not a stone age era we are living in its 2015, we have a voice and I think sometimes this voice becomes a little to offensive as it has today. Being ‘Skinny’ isn’t always better so we shouldn’t be told to go and loose weight and being ‘curvy’ isn’t always right either and we shouldn’t be told your skin and bones go and eat something.

Your not FAT and you’re not SKINNY your you and your a person and I think Taking Shape need to re evaluate their rather stupid decision to shame anyone and think as a plus size brand how they would react if someone was #FatBirdWatching because just like your doing its wrong and demeaning to women.

So lets all as women support each other in appreciating everyone no matter their size.


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