A Surprise Vita Coco Delivery!

Vita Coco

“You put the lime with the coconut and drink it all up.”… I hope you are now all singing that and its suck in your head because its sure stuck in mine. I just wanted to do a little kind of thank you post to keep it a little chilled as we moved house Friday.

A few weeks back on my Instagram I posted a picture you may have seen it here if you didn’t why are you not following me haha I joke though go follow 🙂 I was enjoying my Vita Coco Kids juice because its not just for kids its also for Kenzie in my opinion. Anyways the team got in touch with me and asked if they could use my photo which was fine by me but they we’re super kind and as a thank you they sent me a box full of ‘adult’ Vita Coco to try.

I love Vita Coco and have been drinking it for as long as I can remember. Coconut water alone just makes me think of being back in dominican getting fresh ones to drink on the beach. The way this was packaged just took me right back it came in a little brown box with a crate print on askign you to “handle with care, tropical contents” which i love! then once opening the next layer looks like banana leaves with a sticker to keep in all the straw saying “hydrate naturally”.

Under all the quirky layers (talk about attention to detail) were these 5 little delights to try.

  • Natural Coconut Water
  • Natural Coconut Water – Lemonade
  • Natural Coconut Water – With Orange
  • Natural Coconut Water – With Pineapple
  • Natural Coconut Water – With Peach & Mango

I can’t wait to give them a go, they hydrate you really well which for me at the moment is something I need to get in an easier way and these are the perfect tasty solution. So thank you Vita Coco for the treats.


Have you tried anything from Vita Coco, whats your favourite?

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