Why We All Need The Emma Lomax SOS Kit

Emma Lomax SOS KitWe all have those moment when we reach into our bags and think please tell me I have a plaster or you have to ask the girl next you you on the train to borrow her mirror for one last look before you big entrance! Well no more bag rummaging or awkward asking thanks to this amazing little idea from Emma Lomax with the SOS Kits mine is the Silver Star Medium SOS Kit* £24 Available in 3 sizes but a range of designs including my favourite the clear larger range which instantly make me feel holiday ready these kits are handbag & holiday ready so keep reading ladies you will be wanting one of these i’m sure.

Emma Lomax SOS KitThis little kit comes with everything you could possibly need in one of life’s little ‘ladies emergency moments’.

Pair of hair grips

Hair tie

La Fresh nail polish remover wipe

Antibacterial wipe

Deodorant wipe

Nail file

Mini mending kit (sewing kit)




Pair of earing backs


This is a handbag hero for me, plasters a hair brush and a nail file are the three things I can never find when I most need them. I wear new shoes and don’t break them in or my ten ton hair gets all matted in the wind and i either want to brush it or shove it on top of my head in a moment to stop me getting all riled up. It has everything you need for any little emergency which i think is fantastic, you can buy refills from the website or you can stock it back up yourself with anything you need in one of those sticky situations.

I think these make such great gifts and you can pick one to suit the person and your price as they range from £15-£30.

What do you think of the SOS Kit, what would your SOS Kit include?


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