Going To Royal Ascot With Appletiser

Royal AscotLast Friday I was lucky enough to attend Royal Ascot courtesy of Appletiser @appletiseruk  ironically its only a 15 minute drive from mine and most of my friends go every year. I though had never been and nor had Jonny (he’s from the midlands originally) so we got dressed up to the nines and trotted off for a day at the races. We attended on the Friday know as The Coronation Stakes it was a great day as some of our friends were also attending and joined us in the Grandstand for the day even though they were in the Royal Enclosure. We started with a continental champagne breakfast before getting picked up and ready to place our bets.

Turns out I am terrible at betting though Jonny as always is lucky as hell, what happened to beginners luck eh? We sat on the lawn drinking Pimms and feasting on slightly overpriced fish and chips. A few hours in my heels were out and flats were on but the mood was high still. The sun was beaming down all day and that lovely June breeze kept up from baking. Come the end we stood around the bandstand and listed to classics and anthems a like, every one singing a long and waving their union jack flags. It was one of those moments that really make you smile as you sway along and feel proud of being British. At this point I wanted no more Pimms or Veuve so stuck with none other than a sparkling and refreshing appletiser who as you know kindly sent me this year but they are also the 2015 sponsors of Royal Ascot.

We carried on into the night at the Belvedere Arms in Ascot having dinner together and chatting the night away before sitting in the lit garden listening to the live band. It was really a lovely day spent with amazing people and I can’t thank Appletiser enough for sending me.

As a little side note on their twitter they have some wonderful summer drinks that you can create at home so why don’t you make your own mini ascot this summer dress up and spend time with the people you love.. I will tweet some of the recipes so you can try them too.

Royal Ascot


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