I’m Currently Reading MADE by Millie Mackintosh

MADE by Millie MackintoshI love books however these days most go straight to my kindle and the only other good old paper books I pick up are colouring books or cook books. If you follow or know of Millie Mackintosh who became a favourite on our tv screens a while back after appearing in 5 seasons of Made in Chelsea you will know that since leaving the show she’s become a fashionista, makeup artist in the making and clean eating and living inspiration for lots of people.

In all honestly I only began to follow her on Instagram for her meals and outfit and just whole body envy you know to make myself a little more motivated in the gym. I just knew I wanted her book! I don’t like autobiographies much and the fact that this was most defiantly not one really drew me in.

MADE by Millie MackintoshA book split into 4 sections; style, food and fitness it is more like a girls guide to life and looking and feeling the best than a book. It has tips, recipes and easy to follow tutorials.

With access to some of the best nutritionists, make-up artists, fitness trainers and fashion designers, Millie has taken everything she has learnt from all of these professionals and put together the ultimate book of tips and ideas for achieving the same success.

MADE by Millie Mackintosh

In style, there are key suggestions for what to wear to certain occasions and the 10 staple pieces everybody needs in their wardrobe, as well as lists and names of where to grab your staple supplies. In beauty there are instructions and practical advice for improving your beauty regime – from the most luxurious at home facial as well as a step-by-step everyday look.

In food, there are tips on how to eat healthier and cleaner like Millie, with down-to-earth advice and over 25 recipes, including healthy breakfasts, quick, clean dinners as well as inspiration for indulgent weekend meals. In fitness, Millie provides easy to follow at home routines from cult fitness brand The Skinny Bitch Collective, and simple
but effective barre exercises from Paola’s Body Barre. You’re essentially getting the best tips without the price tag

The book is also full of funny anecdotes from the lovely Millie herself who shows you that you do not need to follow her book like a plan – you can take what is useful and apply it to your own lifestyle, ensuring that it works perfectly for you which makes this book right for everyone I think. These is something everyone can learn or take from this to better themselves in some way.

I think this is the perfect coffee table book, keep it there or in any room it’s not a sit down and read it all at once book it’s a pick up and flick book where you can go to what you need there and then and get advice or inspiration which is why I like it. It’s not a celebrity fad book its one I can say is handy and helpful for the whole house not just women ok some bits are women focused but the meals can be for a family for having friends round and it’s all about being you
but feeling better doing it so well blooming done Millie!

Have you picked this up? What do you think of Millie bring out this kind
of book?

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