The Picture Perfect Present With Cheerz Christmas Box

Cheerz Christmas Box

Christmas cheer and spending time with the people you love is so important to me not just at Christmas but its the one time of the year that everyone near and far makes more of an effort and makes time for each-other, time to make memories and time out of their schedule to spend be it days, moments or just a passing hello with someone they hold dear.

When Cheerz offered me the chance to print some of my favourite memories that I cherish with people I love I couldn’t say no! I have a polaroid camera but its a faff and its big and clunky sometimes and its bad but I reach for my phone and point and shoot without. Cheerz allow you to print of different styles of photos – I went for polaroid styles and send them to your door. This is the ultimate stocking filler I think! Its thoughtful and they don’t limit you to only using your own photos you can search friends photos and either mix them up or do it totally personalised as a surprise gift from their social media.


I picked the lovely Christmas Cheerz Box* which is £12.95 + £2.95 p+p a good deal for such high quality and beautiful prints. They came in the most stylish and sturdy box that wouldn’t need to even be wrapped if you didn’t want to. In this box you can pick up to 45 photos of your choice and pick if you want filters and text at the bottom of your photo. I experimented a little and picked ones of everyone I hold close t my heart be it Jonny or my niece and goddaughter. The picture on the left hand of my an my dad is always one of my favourites he is and always will be my hero and having the chance like this to take a photo I have hidden away from my childhood somewhere and bring it back out in a new way is really amazing.

 If you didn’t want to put these in a stocking for someone, why no get some tiny pegs and string and adorn your tree with all you festive moments. It will be a great talking point and it will show why this time of the year is the most wonderful!

Cheerz 😉 What do you think? Nice stocking filler eh!


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