Time To Say Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016

Hello 2016

Hello 2016! I have been waiting for you to make an appearance for quite a while now. I know everyone moans about the whole new year new you showfazzle but for me 2016 really will be a good one in comparison to the constant meh-ness that was 2015 4 operations, losing my job, finding a new one and just the whole year being one big let down in so many ways. Lets not dwell on all that though because well its a new year and a new start and I am doing in in style with a little help from Amara Living and Kate Spade.

There are so many things that are on my to do list this year not resolutions but just things to make me feel better, inside and out so i have 10 things that I aim to complete in 2016. These though are things that I will be taking you along with me on my journey I will document as much as I can because I want to look back at this year and see everything amazing I will have done, the people I have met, places I’ve been and relationships that have flourished.

Hello 2016


1. Travel –  I have a few trips planned Portugal, Barcelona, Mexico and Budapest but I want to travel as much as possible be it the UK or abroad I want to experience and take in as much as I can from everywhere and just appreciate things a little more.

2. Drink More – I suck at this well unless you count wine and gin? So this handy Kate Spade Thermal Mug* will fingers crossed help me be a bit more H20 conscious I want to drink more green tea/peppermint rather than normal tea just to help my body take away some of that added sugar.

3. Take Time – It may seem selfish but this year has made me realise that I have just not stopped I worry too much and I need to sometimes take a step back and not panic about letting everyone down or people judging me. It seems so simple to do yet it’s a trait I have been struggling to shake but its something I need to get a grip of and just take a walk, have a bath or simply read a book just for me.

4. Hola – I want to learn Spanish so desperately, I have done for ages I think it will be a struggle but it will be so worth it. I don’t need to be fluent and by no means will I be writing it but just to be able to order my dinner or understand others and be able to not depend on their english skills all the time.

5. Blog Blog & Blog – I have so many idea and aspirations for my blog but they get lost in a sea of other thoughts so this Kate Spade Pretty Little Thing Notebook* is the perfect on the go pal. It is tiny but will fit in a small bag or in the bottom of my Marry Poppins number I don’t want my ideas to keep getting buried I want my blog to flourish and take inspo from all around me.

6. Body Blues – I will be beating the body blues I want to stop putting junk into my body all the time because I feel bad, its a cycle I find hard to break but I will be gymming it at least 3 times a week I’ll take 2 but 3 is the goal, in between I want to either do pilates or yoga on my off days just to settle my mind and ease the stresses that life just puts on your body.

7. Organise – I always have a planner/yearly diary I have had a Kate Spade Planner for 2 years in a row now because they are just so blooming beautiful I got mine from Amazon but any journal would do. Just to keep myself stress free and just know what I am doing when I always start off with good intentions and fail by March so watch this space and egg me on here!

8. Cut Back – I spend far too much on unnecessary clothing, bits and bobs and just things in general so 2016 I want to be a little more savvy maybe go for a more capsule wardrobe and just have a de clutter I think it will empower me you know throwing them lovely shoes out …. or maybe just a few not all eh!

9. Keep In Touch – I have lost touch with so many people who have had an impact in my life over the years and I want to get them lovely people back in my life as Wicked the musical taught me ‘People come into our lives for a reason’ and I think I need to make more of an effort and stop being a crappy friend sometimes.

10. Fly The Nest – Me and Jonny will hopefully be home owners by the end of the year and that will really make it a hard one to top. I have loved at home, uni and with Jonny before but having a place of our own is something we are working hard for. Saving lots and just trying to better ourselves and well be full fledge adults. it’s scary and exciting and it just makes me so determined to make this year my year!

So yeah a long post but I don’t need to tell you all my woes of 2015 it was a terrible one and in all a ‘Basic Bitch’ so see ya 2015 wouldn’t wanna be ya!


What are you’re plans for 2016 ! Link me your posts below …

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