A Quick & Easy Breakfast With Alpro

Alpro Almond milkI am not afraid to admit that I am not a morning person really, especially on a work day. These days also normally mean breakfast either doesn’t happen, has to be super speedy or something I can eat while getting set up at my desk of a morning. So when Alpro sent me their new Almond Unroasted Unsweetened Milk* I knew I could have my breakfast while keepting a tight schedule and actually have something yummy and easy too.

If you read my post on either creating your own Alpro Breakfast Smoothie Bowl or Raspberry, Chocolate & Chia Yogurt Bark you will know that creating an on the go snack or an alternative yummy breakfast is possible by using Alpro’s range of products. But sometimes the simple stuff really works because lets be real the smoothie bowl is something I can whip up on a weekend and the bark an after the gym go too but being a full time worker I treasure an extra 10 minutes in bed and a bowl of cereal or granola is an easy go to for me.

Alpro almond milk I tend to only really now drink Alpro be that Soya, Coconut or Almond milk they are really versatile and as someone who has issues with milk thanks to my stomach surgeries and IBS it is a great alternative for me and it is a lot better for me and my overall health and it is something I notice in my skin, bloating and just feeling of better wellbeing in general.

Alpro have something for every taste I think and this is a real simple one but I do think could be hit or miss for some people. Being almond milk but unroasted and unsweetened it is a far call away from normal almond milk or a standard milk substitute but it really does compliment sweet things well. I love granola and oats but well the sweeter breakfast options the better, so if its got a word like honey in it I am probably going to pick that. Though when you then add a sweet milk to it while it does add to the sugary splendidness it can be a little to intense first thing in the morning, gosh they really are words of an adult!

AlproThis however is the perfect balance for your morning, whether your a breakfast person or a tea or coffee lover it works with everything. It is really subtle and adds an alternative to what you would use but has a load of added benefits too like; being 100% plant-based, sugar free, only 13 kcal per 100ml and it’s low in fat while being great as part of a balanced diet as it is also a good source of Vitamin E and contains antioxidants.

So if your looking for a little something simpler but super yummy why not pick one up, it’s new and retails for about £1.70 in the supermarkets and while you may want to try it in cereal it would also be great to use in making pancakes or adding to your porridge seeing as it is back to being porridge weather.

If you need a little inspiration on other ways you can use it head over to their website www.alpro.com to see some great recipes you can whip up too.

What do you love about Alpro? Have you made anything with Alpro as
a substitute?

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