Easy Weekend Breakfast Options With Alpro

alpro and rude health granola

If you have read my blog for a while you will have seen a few posts now with Alpro and I have another today. Being such a huge convert to Alpro over the last almost 2 years has given me such a great outlet to knock up some great breakfast and meals using their range of plant based alternatives. Including these easy weekend breakfast options:

Today are two of my favourite! One being a lovely smoothie which can be drank alone or as an extra if you’re particularly peckish. The other is a simple yogurt and granola dish which leaves you really full and is utterly delicious especially on a Sunday with a soya chai latte in tow too. Both take less than five mins to do and are great if you want something easy, convenient and tasty!

If you want something a little substantial opt for yogurt and granola. My favourite combo at the minute literally fills me up until lunch and for a serial snacker like me that is an achievement. To make this get your bowl ready add the following:

  • 4/ 5 tablespoons of yogurt I am using the plain Alpro one here
  • 47g of Coconut & Chia rude health granola (recommended serving on box – use scales to do this)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

I also sometimes take away the honey and add banana but it is up to you and I just do it based on if we have bananas in the house at the time. I love this right now as it is quite tropical which is getting me in the mood for summer. It also allows me to keep portion control by measuring out the granola to the boxes recommended serving. Adding a dash of honey and mixing into the yogurt before popping in the granola too takes the edge off though if you have the almond Alpro or the Coconut Alpro yogurt you don’t need the dash of honey in my opinion.

alpro berry smoothie

For a really quick and easy option is a smoothie. We had a Breville Blend Active for ages but now have a lovely nutribullet since we moved into our own house. The cups are so much easier to portion control and one cup fits perfectly into my mason jar. The recipe is also really easy, for this I used:

  • One handful of frozen mixed berries
  • One handful of frozen mango
  • 1 sliced banana
  • One cup of Alpro Oat Milk
  • 2 teaspoons of chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of plain oats

I put a dash in the bottom of the oat milk first then add the rest and then continue to add the rest of the mil as it means it doesn’t get stuck to the bottom. Then just blend and pout into your jar I ended up adding a straw as it was too much to slurp it from the side of the cup. Jonny also decided he wanted one too which I am saying means it must be pretty tasty as he never drinks smoothies.

Both of these are a bit of a go to at the moment for me, more on the weekend as I get to work for 7:30 in the week so tend to have my breakfast there but these are some great options if you don’t want to spend ages prepping on a weekend and just want to enjoy some downtime.

What are your go to, quick and easy breakfast choices?

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