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Ellesse Heritage tracksuit You know it’s a weird one isn’t it, trends and the culture we all live in. Growing up you naturally urge to fit in but then really, why do we do that because as we grow older we want to stand out be that at work to get a job or even as a blogger having your posts stand out and be recognised as someone with unique content.

For me that word unique is quite pivotal, I mean after all every one of us is unique and it is something we all need to embrace. In a world where everyone is judged no matter how much we try and take away stigmas and fight views though we all  judge people no matter how hard to admit, but why. Because they fit in and because they stand out, when you look at it, it is so odd how it all works.

Ellesse Heritage and adidas superstars

I think I have known from an early age embracing who you are is the best way, yes it may make you unpopular along the way but it also gives you a better outlook on life I know now from experience being different can make you a bit of an outsider but really who cares. It presents opportunities for instance starting a blog was my outlet, playing football was deemed a boys sport but who says so. This world has stigma so making the choice to showcase your differences is a brave and bold choice that should be applauded and not frowned upon.

Why worry about being judged, you can only be you, so why hide who you are. After all you never know your limits if you don’t break barriers. I think for me this year is the year I just accept I am totally OK with me, yes I want to lose weight etc. but this is for me, for me to feel good in myself and achieve a goal for no one but me.

Ellesse Heritage and adidas superstars

I want to stand out not fit in and be me after all I can’t be anyone else. By having that mind-set you will grow as a person. New experiences and opportunities will arise because you are open to them and make sure you take
them with both hands because you deserve them.

I mean a year ago I would not have thought I would be working on a collaboration with JD Sports nor any of the other brands and I believe that letting myself do what I love because I love what I do is why. The key is to support each other and encourage especially in this industry it is easy to mimic content that is seen as successful but you can do the same you have the ability to be the leader after all no one really wants to be a sheep. It also has a power to create a lot of jealousy, why did they get an opportunity I didn’t or am I not good enough. It is time to stop looking at things that way and think wow look what they did they got that opportunity because they were who they were but I got this one because I am doing me and that right there is success.

I have found that showing who I am through my fashion is such a great way to express personality and it is everywhere . Who cares if you’re not following this trend or up to date with that must have item. Be the trendsetter and be you and I am wholeheartedly this year trying to take my own advice and not let how I fell others may perceive me sway what I may, do say or even wear.

adidas superstars

I am Wearing

Jumper – Ellesse Herritage Satin Half Zip Track Top (black) c/o JD Sports

Bottoms – Ellesse Herritage Satin Panel Fleece Pant c/o JD Sports

Trainers – Adidas Original FARM Superstar c/o JD Sports (no longer sold on JD) – found here 

View the Full Ellesse Heritage range or to just find some new gym wear JD Soprts have a fabntastic range of gym clothing to pick from.

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