My First ColourPop Haul & Swatches

ColourPop haul Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, I finally gave in and did 2 ColourPop orders quite a few weeks back now. By oh my gosh, before I even get into what I purchased all I can say is why on earth did I wait so long before clicking buy!

I ordered twice on the same day, was a little sneaky but I split 2 orders that were over $30 each to get $5 off each order and free shipping. In terms of customs my first order had none and my second had £16 so it worked out fine as I was only hit once with fees. I also get two free makeup brushes because you got a brush with every two shadows you ordered. I ordered a quad so got the two brushes as a little added bonus.


ColourPop CannoliA while back I had seen Gemma etc. do a post about the highlighter trios and I was instantly drawn to Cannoli (now sold out*) it is a trio for medium skin tone and all are really wearable. I know this is going to be quite possibly a game changer for me, they are all so creamy and silky on the skin as are all their products but the shimmer these highlighters give is just stunning. Cannoli consists of:

Wisp is described as pearlised golden champagne with gold pearls. I love this shade the most I think it really adds a whole other meaning to highlighter it catches the light so well and is probably the most vibrant out of the three,

Frosted is described as a satin soft true gold. This is a great shade for me, more as to add to my bronzer or stand alone for ladies with lighter skin tones. It does have yellow undertones, for me this works well as my skin has the same so it doesn’t give me that grubby bronzed look I can sometimes get.

Whipped is described as a tie dye warm silvery taupe out of the 3 is the most gorgeous shade I have heard that a damp brush can make it incredibly vibrant. I will of course be trying that out! It does have a balance of cool and warm tones through it so makes it versatile for all skin tones.

Colour Pop Cannoli SwatchesAlso to add to the cheek products I got the super shock blush in Aphrodisiac. It is a crème powder blush and again has that soft buttery texture that really blends into the skin. The shade is a soft beige, it has a slight pink to it to bring warmth but it is that perfect all year round product that would suit most skin types.

ColourPop Aphrodisiac swatch


ColourPop Where the Light isWhen it comes to eye shadows, browns, gods and coppers all the warm shades are my favourite I love the warmth they bring to my skin that can sometimes due to my hair and eye colour look a little cold so it brings a softness.  This quad literally has blown me away it is the Kathleen Lights, Where the Light is foursome and is hailed to help her create her signature look: warm, bronzy gold smokey eyes. It consists of:

Glow – matte creamy vanilla
Cornelious – matte warm caramel
Kathleenlights – bright golden copper
Blaze – coco bronze sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter

The shade Kathleenlights is without a doubt the most pigmented and show stopping shade ever. I use glow and Cornelious to build a base and then had a slightly damp brush to make Kathleenlights pop and I felt like my eyes really made a statement in drawing attention to their colour without being a bold and too daring shade

When buying these there was a deal on where you got a brush when purchasing 2 shadows. Even though my 4 were in a set that still counted as 4 so I received 2 free brushes. These being a shader brush and a blending brush, they are lovely and really nice quality. I as you can tell am just thrilled with my orders so an extra freebie is always an added bonus and the icing on the cake.

ColourPop Where the Light is swatches


ColourPop Aquarius bundleNow, I may have gone a bit OTT with the lip products here considering with me while I own and forever buy lipsticks etc. I go through phases of feeling like no colour suits me, however did this stop me buying essentially 9 new shades to add to my already stacked lip product hoard. No it did not and I justified this buy buying them in sets meaning it is value for money.

Sticking to my love of nude lipsticks the Aquarius Bundle was a must have for me. It is 3 variations of the Aquarius shade.

Aquarius: Ultra Glossy – a soft pinky nude whit a subtle shimmer from the gloss

Aquarius: Ultra Satin – a soft pinky nude, it is silky on the lip and makes the lips look airbrushed in my opinion

Aquarius 2: Ultra Matte – a mauve nude, so darker than the original but perfect if you want to change it up a little from day to night but no be daring

ColourPop Aquarius bundle swatchesColourPop Staycation lippie sticksLastly I got the Staycation Lippie Kit, which is for me a great way to try 6 shades all for $20 which is a steal. Of course the 3 more muted shades Cookie, Brink and even Grunge are more my usual the other 3 Bossy, I  Heart This and LBB are still gorgeous. Those for me are more winter shades, and the pink which is classed as a red fucia is quite possibly well out of my safe zone. I will try it as the texture of these is lovely, they are really easy to pop in a handbag. If you’re looking to sample a wide range of colours this set is perfect to get you started with ColourPop. The shade descriptions are:

Cookie – a warm brown nude

Brink – a soft terracotta rose

Grunge – a mid-toned red brown

Bossy – a classic bold red

I Heart This – a vibrant red fuchsia

LBB – a rich plum wine

ColourPop Staycation lippie sticks swatches

Overall I could not have been more pleased with my orders, they came really quickly one within 5 days the other took 11 so not bad at all there for shipping times. As I said customs can get you but if you keep your orders to under $30 they wither get though with minimal charges, sometimes they slip the net completely which I am taking as some good karma. I will 100% order from them again and will be soon as they have outdone my expectations.

What would you reccomend I pick up in my next ColourPop order?

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  1. Gemma
    June 29, 2017 / 7:10 pm

    Such an amazing post, your photos are incredible! Thank you so much for mentioning me, the products you chose are gorgeous. I love the look of Cookie, it’s so pretty. I’m dying to get my hands on their new palette, it looks insane! xxx

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