My Mum Proving Microblading Is For Any Age || Plus A Deal For You!

When I offered my mum the chance to get her eyebrows Microbladed by the lovely Chelsey who does mine, at first she was reluctant but I asked her to come with me to my year top up to see what it was like. When we were there, i saw she wanted to take the leap but just wasn’t too sure, so I just went ahead and booked her in so there was no debating then. She was really keen for me to do this post too so that she can show that something like Microblading is for everyone no matter their age and my mum at 60, I think looks incredible and this really jsut enhances how fantastic she looks.

If you read about me getting my eyebrows tattooed back in late 2016, you’ll know how much of a big thing it was for me. This isn’t just some cosmetic treatment to me this really gave me confidence, it helped soften and shape my face and gave me a feeling of being comfortable without makeup on too, as I felt so much happier. I took two years of decision making into account before taking the leap, my mum took one and no this isn’t something you should just book with anyone you see, you should reseach and make sure you want it done as it is permanent and it is expensive (hint, read to the end to get a discount).

microbladingAs you can see in the above before photo, my mums brows were thin and are naturally quite coarse and she gets white brows now too, so she wanted to make sure they were a good colour match, shape and size. As always Chelsey mixed up a good colour for her brow shade and her skin tone, drew the outline of the brow and made sure before starting mum was happy. I was so excited for her for the whole time she was in there, possibly more exited than she was because I just knew how they would make her feel and change her look.

The tool used looks like a pen it has interchangeable heads, the one used on me had 14 very small needle type tips laid in at an angle. They are then used to scrape/scratch the skin in hair like motions as the name suggest ‘blading’ think of blades of grass, they are angled to match your hair growth to make them look natural. The pain really is very bearable and mum did it with no numbing cream, though I do recommend the cream as it can become a little too much. Once the lines are made the pigment is placed over the brow to sink into the open skin. Chelsey will keep checking to make sure they are even and add more strokes where needed to make sure they are perfect, below is them almost done. microbladingWhat I really didn’t expect was her reaction, she was genuinely elated which was so nice to see. They have taken her a while to get used to I mean she has had the same brow shape for a long time and this really has changed her look, she is glad though she doesn’t have brows the size of mine, which was a worry for her prior to having it done. She won’t mind me saying, as i’ve told her but it has softened her face and made her look a lot younger, though she doesn’t look 60 anyway. Look at the difference below, they looks so good! O was pretty speechless, which for me is saying something.

microbladingWe’re be back to Chelsey at the end of the February for her 6 week touch up which is included in the price, so watch out for a final update on the finished look for my mum. She is just coming out of the scabbing stage at the moment and they are looking great after using Bepanthen for aftercare. I should say too, it is good to be aware that when they do come off the strokes will be around 50% lighter that when you first had them done on the day. This is why it is essential you go for your touch up to make sure they look their best. Remember these are not permanent, you need a top up every year to 18 months depending on how they fade.

But wait, I did say I had something for you too! So if you wan’t to book in with Chelsey use the code KENZIE2018 and get your Microblading + 6 week top up for £280 instead of the usual £320. You can find Chelsey on Facebook at Chelsey Briggs Brows and to book just send her a message and pay the deposit which comes off your final price. She is based in Watford, about 40 mins from mine so I make the trip and you can be sure it is worth it so even though this may not be really local, you can make a day of it and head to Intu for some food and shopping too, why not treat yourself after all it payday time.

Are you considering Microblading, have any questions? Let me know.

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