Step One On The Journey To Self Love

Kenzie There is only one of you in this world and there will never be another. You’re unique, different and all of those things make you, you. When you think of your friends, family or partners these things that make them different and special are the things that you love so why when we think about ourselves do we struggle to feel the same love towards ourselves? Self love isn’t thinking you’re the best or thinking you’re better than someone, it’s about realising that you’re worthy of your own admiration because you are no matter what your own number one.

When I think about things I put myself down for, the list is endless in my mind. My legs are too short, though my torso is too long. My thighs are too big and my stomach isn’t flat like the person I admire on social media. I am dyslexic, covered in scars that are unattractive and my lips to me are a little crooked. Who else really notices these things, really no one. We’re so hung up on what we think we should look like or do that we forget to put ourselves in others shoes, step one is to look at yourself from the outside and pick one thing someone would compliment you on use it to compliment yourself.

I could be anything, the way you apply your lipstick, the colour of your eyes, how polite you are, the way you do your hair. Once you start realising that it is ok to feel good about your traits, looks, quirks etc. you will naturally start to be less self critical. Self criticism for me is step one, step two is doing something about the things I can change to reinforce what i am trying to overcome. OK so I have signed up to Tough Mudder am I ready to do it, no way but if I train not only will I push myself to a success that I will feel rewarded by but in the process I will work out and try to change the things about my body I don’t like, healthy body healthy mind is something I feel to me will help. This won’t be the same for everyone, because like I said no one is the same but in all the sentiment around it is to do something for you!

Self love isn’t about loving every single thing you do, it’s about making small achievable and positive changes that will effect the mindset. After all you only get one chance at this here life so make the most of it, by having a little more self love and self confidence you will be setting yourself up for success because its a two way street and you deserve to show yourself some love. I am by no means an expert at this, I mean I am sure I have been at step one more than once, but I want to do this and that is what counts. This has no end destination, it is on going and will be a hard journey but it will be worth it and I will continue to tell myself that until I am blue in the face I hope. I would like to really thank the lovely Megan from Thumbelina Lillie who wrote and incredible post called ‘Why I’m Prioritising Me‘ her CrossFit journey was the push I needed to start changing my own mindset and taking the first steps.

So why not, in the comments tell me one thing you like about yourself. That could be an achievement, a trait, a style your looks anything!

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