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Since finishing university just over 4 years ago, the world of marketing has sucked me in and I have worked in both B2C and B2B sectors. I currently work at a very well known cloud services provider and have been fortunate over the years to meet inspirational people both at work but also by attending conferences that help learning and are there to better both myself and the work I do. I have been to conferences for work but also for LemonaidLies as while this was once just a hobby it is also my second job which I work hard at to create engaging content and collaborate with brands. Essentially it is a hobby still, but it is also my business, my brand and part of my identity.

What I have learnt over the years is that while conferences, seminars and delegate sessions can be great they can often feel very mundane, set in very similar places and often the content doesn’t differentiate too much. I love my job’s (full time work and the blog) and I also love travel… so what if I told you I’ve found something that can offer you the opportunity to better you business by collaborating and learning all while on the beautiful island of Malta? Yes you can do that! You could be in a spa one minute, on a boat the next followed by a talk from industry professionals all on the same day.

Want to know more?

Of course you want to know more, right? Executive Escapes offers an incredible business meets leisure getaway, running from the 4-8th October. You can pick from a number of packages ranging from ones that include flights to ones that offer sunset cruises. There is a range of options really to suit most budgets meaning you can pick your package to suit your needs and wants, it is totally unique and really cool. I believe you should work hard and play harder but what if those two things can be combined? Executives Escapes brings just that; work and play together with like-minded professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

You will get to stay at the lovely Salini Hotel where you’ll be able to experience a VIP cruise, indulge in spa treatments, wine tasting, jump right into a sunset pool party, explore the sights, snorkel in the Mediterranean sea, attend an exclusive business conference and dress up to the nines for a prestigious black tie gala dinner.

Just imagine dinner overlooking the ocean or exploring the beautiful back streets of the city (its an Instagram heaven). Check out this video to see what I mean!

So how can you book?

Well I have all the details, so you can head straight over to book your spot! Can’t make this one? Don’t worry this is just the first of the series, you will be able to jet of to many other destinations in the near future. So no matter if you’re a freelancer doing your influencer/ blogging thing being a total boss and creating your own empire, an industry professional at the top of your game or on the steps to get there or a savvy entrepreneur this is perfect for you to hit your next professional goals all while experiencing a slice of luxury in the sun.

Why not check out Executive Escapes to find out more, book yourself in or bookmark so you can jet of to the next one! Let me know if you decide to book a spot. Plus if you do decide to book you can get 15% off by using the code LL15.

*this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Executive Escapes all opinions and content are my own

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