Why i’m not ‘fashion enough’ to be a fashion blogger

My style is something I am so unsure of even now at 25, I speak about fashion on here, on my social and I love how styling outfits makes me feel but now I just question all the time… am I fashion enough to be a fashion blogger?

Social media makes me insecure

Oh social media, Instagram especially! the never ending catalogue of new fashion, just a click and an outfit is sent to your inbox or a swipe up and bam you own it too. Not only is this dangerous for your bank account its not healthy either. This need, want and desire to own the latest and greatest and be part of a new trend. Not everything is ‘cheap’ some of the items are hundreds if not thousands of pounds and keeping up is near on impossible and I work full time and still can’t afford to drop hundreds of pounds each month on the must have, in items.

Why my confidence stops me

I think this is a big one, I still don’t know my style. I can’t successfully create a capsule wardrobe or know what suits me really. I would love to be a little more bold in my choices. I know what I love but most of the time I feel like it is a mix match of style and what I do want to wear intimidates me. I worry about wearing white and getting it dirty, wearing clothes that make me look frumpy or don’t have the right cut. I still save clothes for best because I worry I will ruin them, then never end up wearing them. All of these things leave me so confused about my style choices and looking bemused into my wardrobe and left saying “what on earth do I wear today”?

This isn’t my job

Being a blogger isn’t my job, I work 8:30-17:30 every day I normally am in work early and out of work late so time is a huge factor. I do not have enough hours in the day or hours of daylight at least to take outfit photos. Jonny takes hem for me of a weekend but after a long week, I can’t and wont spend every minute of the 2 days i have as a break trawling round changing outfits. I do this sometimes but I just can’t post a new outfit everyday! That pressure is hard and I applaud anyone who can do that because wow it’s tough!

Why I want to cut back on fast fashion

If you caught the Stacey Dooley documentary on fast fashion you will know why this is so important. If you haven’t seen it go and watch it immediately, it will change your perspective on the clothes you buy. It has made me want to look at what I have and what I need. Why do I feel the need to buy buy buy when I could re-use and re style.

Like I said social media is a trap for this, you want to be able to click and buy when you see that skirt on someone you just love but would you like the image as much if you couldn’t get your hand on it because it was last season or even last year? I am not saying stop buying but be more considerate, don’t throw stuff away donate or sell so it gets a new home. Buy second hand where possible, I love a jumble sale, car-boot, and charity shop let alone eBay and the likes of all the second hand market places.

What I am so keen to do for myself is to look at my wardrobe and only keep what I need and wear and things that will last not only number of wears but time, things that won’t go out of fashion next week. 

All of theses things are contributing to why I feel like I am just not fashion enough to be a fashion blogger. I feel a bit of a fraud in the space,/ but one step at a time I just want to make small changes.

How do you feel about the world of fashion bloggers and fast fashion?


  1. October 29, 2018 / 6:16 pm

    I feel like this too. I love clothes and piecing outfits together, but I never have time to take photos and have no one to help me take them either. I’m also so shy when taking photos when out in public haha. I haven’t watched the Fast Fashion documentary yet, but I’m definitely going to watch it, and over the last two years I’ve really cut back on what I buy. I now buy what I need rather than what I want. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • kenzie
      October 30, 2018 / 10:08 pm

      Ahh thanks for your lovely comment Jessie! It can be so tough, it can leave you in such a rut and feeling like you’re not producing the content you really want but it is about changing our mindset re using and then bit by bit changing how the world sees fashion bloggers. xx

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