I’m Kenzie a 25 year old living just outside of London with her boyfriend in our first home! LemonaidLies has been going for 5 and a half years, after my love for writing and buying everything allowed me to have an outlet and a reason to buy more stuff.

Please come and join my journey this year as I am traveling a fair bit, we’re purchased our first home and I would love you to come and join in with all the events, milestones and fun things I get up to.

For Reference :

. I have dry skin with the occasional break out.

. My hair is thick and naturally wavy/curly it is coarse and lacks moisture.

. I have fair/medium skin and tend to wear foundation with yellow tones – in the summer I tan well and become more on the medium side.

If you have any questions you can email me at kenzieharvey8@gmail.com