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bronnley exotic embers

When it comes to scents and finding the one that you feel really represents and embodies who you are, it can be tough. You could be the type of person who wears one scent their whole life and never diverts or someone who changes their scent to match the season or even their wardrobe. No matter which type of person you are, Bronnley will either have you buying every scent from all the ranges they have to offer or leave you enamoured with your new signature scent, seeing you buy the full range time and time again.

Who’s Bronnley you may ask?

Well I am glad you did, what may first appear to be a new kids on the block story, is far from the truth. Bronnley started in 1884 and are veterans when it comes to combining scents, I mean did you know this British brand is a Royal Warrant holder meaning yes, you’re right its used and loved by the Queen.

The new Eclectic Elements range really embodies a fresh and fun avenue the brand are encapsulating both in packaging, innovation with scent and appealing to a new generation of women. The packaging and design alone won me over, especially the Zealous flower range, the black packaging with gold trim had me swooning, so luxe and timeless.

bronnley exotic embers and zealous flower

The range pours 130 years of expertise, knowledge and passion into 5 scents inspired by the elements of earth and a leading element signature scent to create a collection of high quality, complex, modern and indulgent options that are affordable but do not skimp on quality. These 5 elements are Wild Green (earth), Cosmic Bloom (aether), Crimson Cloud (Air), Exotic Embers (fire) and Citrine Lagoon (water).

The 3 products you’ll find across the ranges are an Eau de Toilette, Eau de Toilette Rollerball (perfect for in the handbag) and Eau Fraiche. Zealous Flower & Exotic Embers however have 5 products in each, the extras being a Body Butter and Candle.

bronnley zealous flower

What Are The Scents?

Zealous flower, which is in the black packaging, is the signature scent. It has top notes of pear and mandarin with undertones of pink pepper and hints of precious amber. It is alluring and lingers on the skin, its dark packaging matches it’s deep and tempting nature, which draws you in. Perfect for this season. I also have the candle burning as we speak as it has that smell which encompasses a room its so many things at once, all perfectly balanced.

Wild green is a real individual and unusual scent, one that leaves you thinking ohh, what’s that. It’s the type you can’t quite put your finger on but it’s familiar and makes me feel engulfed in woodland walks on crisp winter morning. Cosmic bloom is more of a citrus burst. Light and floral it gives that cosmic, starry feel, bright and energetic it leaves you feeling ready to take on the day. Crimson Cloud exudes feminism with a mix of berries and blossom. Citrine Lagoon is aquatic and zesty with hints of grapefruit; it is youthful and has a laid back cool vibe. Lastly Exotic Embers is rich and confident, a bold scent that is dark and smoky. This one for me holds the question of all questions when walking into a room “you smell lovely, what perfume are you wearing?” a sign you’ve caught their attention.

bronnley eclectic elements

Where To Get Bronnley Products

It’s incredible, this range is really inclusive, in the fact I feel it caters for all women, no matter style, personality or occasion. I would liken it in style and range to Jo Malone but with a much more affordable price tag. The most expensive item is only £35, which for a perfume is about half the price I would normally pay. Bronnely are also now stocked in Boots meaning you can take advantage of saving 1/3 between now and the 5th December and worst case if you miss that. The whole collection will be in the boots 3-for-2 offer from 6th December to 2nd of January.

As I said the prices will by no means break the bank and make lovely gifts for Christmas (watch out for these in my gift guides) be that a lovely larger gift or possibly a stocking filler in the form of the very handy roller ball perfumes which for £10 each give you the chance to grab and go day-to-day and be ready for any occasion.

Everything about this collection and the brands look and feel has won me over, if this isn’t a brand on your Christmas list put them on and if you have any leading ladies, amazing mums or just your best friend who deserves to feel fabulous, treat her to something from the Bronnley Eclectic Elements range.

Will you be adding some Bronnley bits to your list, buying for a special someone or just treating yourself?


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