Escentric Molecules 02 The Scent That Adapts To You

Escentric Molecules 02When it comes to the scents I tend to wear I flick between my YSL black opium, Chanel Chance and a few of my beloved Jo Malone scents. However this rather intriguing scent has really got me it’s so unusual and to be honest un well me that I think I really do love it, with the likes of Naomi Campbell also reportedly being a fan of this scent. Well you can see just by looking at it that Escentric Molecule 2* is rather different to most perfumes you may possess in you perfumery collections.

It’s such a gender neutral looking scent and it is just that in itself too, unisex and possibly one of the only scents I have ever heard of that only has one substance the enhances the wearers natural pheromones. Launched in 2006 by perfumer Geza Schoen starting with Molecule 01, means that it actually will smell different on every wearer so it suits you personally. A tailored perfume that only you will ever get to wear in a sense… pretty cool huh!

Its starring Ambroxan – a synthetic version of Ambergris fragrance harnesses all the sweet, earthy, musky characteristics of the real thing that lingers without every overpowering.I think it has a real gin and tonic smell to it which for a perfume is odd but when it’s on the skin its musky but fresh and it lasts all day. It’s the type of scent that stays on the skin, not fading and one where you can smell it too which I find with most scents fade or I can’t smell after five minutes on my skin.

This is the travel size version 30ml and is £38 it comes in this aluminium case to keep it safe on your journeys and you can get refills too for £27 which to be honest considering the longevity of the scent on the skin you don’t need much so it is not only a great price but lasts for a long time too. I must admit for me when you first spritz this it does have a quite manly scent element too it maybe thats just because it’s unisex but once it is on it really does adapt and after 5/10 mins it settles and the scent is just flawless, no wonder people when mad for Molecule 01! Escentric 02 has all the beauty of Molecule 02, with added complexity for those who like multi facets to their fragrance, it’s a real game changer in the perfume collection for me.

What do you think of Escentric Molecules? Have you ever tried this or something like it?


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